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What Our Readers Say

"I love waking up to your daily dose! Thank You!!"
–Kathy B.

"...the daily doses are fab.....can't wait til Thurs!!!"
–Sarah P.

"Loving the Vitamin K each day, Kelvin. Each “vitamin shot” brings
a smile to my face and reminds me to let go of fear and negativity."

"Daily Dose of Positive is the best thing ever to happen to my
weekday mornings! Never fails to bring a smile to my face
and set my thoughts on the track I want them to follow."
–Tamara S.

"I love what you’re doing, Kelvin! You keep me motivated and help me
to gain a little perspective every day. Keep up the awesome work."

"You bet I am and I am enjoying them. I also print them off and take
them to the office. You are so good at this."
–Linda H.


"Your daily posts get me thinking outside the box, which is what I
need for new ideas!!"
–William W.

"I like reading your Daily Dose of Positive. I read it on the subway
on the way into work in the morning. Keep 'em coming."
–Laura D.

"Thanks Kelvin, I really needed a pick-me-up today!"—Mary B.

"Kelvin you are the best..... thank you for reminding us what is important
and what isn't."

"Kelvin... what a truly wonderful post today... it is amazing how you look
at things...and how they effect the rest of your day..."
–June O.

"Where would I be without my Daily Dose of Vitamin K? Actually I take it two
or three times a day - just to make sure it is continuously working for me!"

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